Transforming Your Business Vision into Reality: The Power of Digital Platforms, Tokenization, and Artificial Intelligence

Leveraging a unique blend of expertise and partnerships to bring your innovative business ideas to life

In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to grow and stay competitive. Over our 25-year journey, we have had the honor of guiding numerous entrepreneurs in turning their innovative ideas into successful, technologically advanced projects.

Our role has evolved from being mere providers of technological solutions to becoming strategic business partners, offering comprehensive consultancy at every stage of project development. This holistic approach is possible because we position ourselves not just as consultants, but as business facilitators, armed with a strategic command of various technologies, platforms, and supply chains that guide entrepreneurs on their journey to business realization.

Our extensive knowledge in advanced sectors enables us to guide entrepreneurs through complex decisions that can be pivotal for their project’s success. We have developed a versatile model that integrates different development phases and can be adapted to various sectors. This model comprises three main stages:

1. Digital Platform Development: We create web and mobile platforms that enable the delivery of services or products, forming the primary revenue source for the project.

2. Business Tokenization: We establish an internal accounting system for platform usage and convert usage credits into utility tokens. These tokens serve as the main platform usage system and a reward/loyalty system, supporting the project’s growth from prototyping to commercial traction and long-term maintenance.

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI): We employ AI-enhanced consulting techniques to create and optimize marketing, communication, and commercial activities. This allows the project to be profitable from the moment the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is available. AI also enhances various design phase activities for greater efficiency.

We ensure strategic control of these stages in every project we undertake as strategic partners. Over time, we have established various structures and companies to facilitate this development, providing the necessary know-how, quality, and overview to ensure interdisciplinary professionalism and technological specialization at various implementation stages.

Our corporate structures that handle these stages include:

  • Enkronos ( and Swee Apps ( for the conception, development, and launch of digital platforms.
  • Venice Swap ( for FinTech services covering all stages of business tokenization.
  • AInova ( for providing AI-enhanced business consultancy tools for strategic analysis in marketing, communication, commercialization, development, and management.

We are also partners with an exclusive strategic business hub, providing us with essential professional resources to cover all implementation and compliance needs. This hub offers integrated professional advice on legal tech compliance, marketing and digital communication, finance, and education, among others.

The establishment of these corporate structures and partnerships is a result of our unique know-how in managing the complete supply chain necessary for executing complex business projects with a high rate of digital and technological innovation.

Today, if you are an entrepreneur with an extraordinary idea, we offer a comprehensive structure that can guide you through each implementation phase. We help you make informed decisions, transforming your dream into reality with a winning strategy.

If you are that entrepreneur, contact us today and let’s start turning your vision into a successful reality! Don’t let another moment slip away!

AInova Marketing Team

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